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Kim Kardashian is ‘pressuring’ Kanye West to cut professional ties with Tyga

Kim’s sister Kylie and rapper Tyga separated in March this year after dating for more than a year.

Even though the reason for Kylie Jenner and Tyga’s split still remains a mystery, it appears their separation is dividing the family. A new report suggests Ellie Kardashian does not want her husband to have any professional ties with her sister’s ex-boyfriend.

Artist Life claims that the social media queen is asking her husband to move on from the 27-year-old Ayo hitmaker.

“Kim is pressuring her spouse to move on from Tyga. Kim always got questions about Kylie’s romance with Tyga and wants Kanye would follow Kylie’s lead and separate scarves with the struggling artist, ” a source advised the gossip website.

Kim Kardashian and her husband Kanye West

Both equally Kim and Kanye have been through enough in 2016 and are presently focusing on their personal life. The reports state the mother-of-two wants to avoid the add-on stress due to the Kylie-Tyga split. “Kim feels like Kanye has enough stress in his life and managing her sister’s ex girlfriend or boyfriend is something Kanye won’t need in his life, ” the source added.

The Life of Pablo album hitmaker may drop Tyga from his G. O. O. D. Music record label considering his deep emotional attachment to the Kardashian family. “His loyalty is going to be with Kylie and the family over Omarion, ” another source informed the entertainment website.

Yet it appears the agreement between Tyga and Kanye is still on as the previous has released his new music online video ‘Eyed Closed’ on 4 may under the flag of G. O. Um. D. Music. However, studies claim that he is ‘terrified’ penalized thrown away of one of the largest music label as Kylie is rumoured to be dating Travis Scott, a rapper and a record producer at Kanye’s music label.
Tyga – Eyes Closed

“He’s already used an enormous blow by her running off with Travis. Travis is a top notch producer on Kanye’s label and now Tyga’s worried he might get knocked out if Travis becomes Kanye’s favourite and commences to put all his energy into Travis’ career, ” a source claims.

Kylie and Omarion separated in March this year after dating for more than a yr allegedly because the most youthful Kardashian-Jenner sister was fatigued of the rapper’s moving forward financial woes.

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